Booking Management System

with Professional Website

for Hotels, Villas, Apartments and More.

Professional Websites

With Booking Management System

For Hotels, Villas, Apartments and More.

Build Customer Loyalty

Turn visitors into your own long term customers.

Easy Setup & Training

We provide training and dedicated support.

Flat Monthly Fee

Regardless of the number of bookings.

Offer Add-ons

Add value to your booking by offering additional services.

Get bookings directly from your own site.

Obtain your very own professional website complete with an online booking engine and the ability to synchronize with 3rd party OTAs. Multiple payment gateways are at your disposal based on your requirements and location. Your website will adhere to GDPR regulations.

Why your own solution?

Build your own customer base.

Effective customer retention strategies are crucial for the growth of any business. By building a loyal customer base, you can maintain long-term customers, provide exclusive offers and discounts, and create loyalty programs tailored to your clientele.

Control your pricing.

Different accommodation rates can be set according to various rules, including custom seasons such as summer, weekends, and holiday periods; as well as the duration of the guest’s stay (weekly, monthly or other customized periods). 

Offer discount coupons (fixed value or percentage).

Reduce commission paid to OTAs.

Directing customers to your own website to make bookings can eliminate fees paid to OTAs. This will result in increased profits. It will also allow you to have more control over the booking process and offer additional services.

Stunning Designs

Select from 10+ layouts to represent your property.

“Vestibulum congue ornare nisi, et egestas or cviverra sit amet. Quisque porta mauris lorem pretium quam convallis vitae.”
– Philip E. Curry
( Ceo & Founder of Anova )​

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